Social marketing

The ‘Discuss It. Choose It. Use It’ campaign was the creative solution to raise awareness of lasting and reliable contraceptive for young adults, and was the culmination 
of 12 months’ work involving end-user teenage workshop groups and front-line health workers.

From experience young adults can be a tough audience 
to get through to – they are media savvy and are easily switched off to educational campaigns.

Our approach was to involve young adults from across Birmingham developing an integrated campaign to ensure that the final look and feel resonates with their views on sexual health and from our focus groups we engaged ‘campaign champions’ to help spread the good word!

” AlignandPull created a powerful socially engaging campaign to reach out to a specific social group as well as engage front line health personnel. The net result has been a 78% increase in uptake. “


Name generation / branding


Brand visual identity / packaging / campaign / literature

For brands looking to strategic craft, and create experiences that deliver purpose, value and impact, we’d love to work with you.

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