Visual identity / marketing campaign

Hapi from the Personal Group is an innovative new desktop and mobile app designed to revolutionise the 
way employees engage with their company’s particular salary sacrifice scheme. It made understanding and taking advantage 
of salary sacrifice and other employee benefits simple 
and straightforward. HR Managers needed to know 
about it.
There’s very little to do with tax benefits that’s interesting. So after getting to grips with the product ourselves, we created a proposition and strong visual identity for the brand. It needed to be something that would allow us 
to explain both the technical innovations of Hapi and 
the complexities of salary sacrifice in a way that would 
grab and hold attention of some of the UK’s leading 
HR Directors.

” Brilliantly gritty in your approach. 
Constructive challenge to help us see what 
we have and what we don’t have, to make 
our product more relevant and easier to communicate and influence our target. The proposition focus on outcomes and benefits of staff attraction and retention 
have proved to be a powerful differentiator giving us a structure and story to our communications. It’s engaging on social media too, creating a more profound and broader two-way conversation.” “


FTSE 250 Brand creation / roll out


Product Development & Launch

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