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With the ever-growing UK’s elderly population, demand for care is exploding. But, caring is a challenging profession. It’s hard, low-paid, emotional work. As a result, recruiting and retaining staff willing to commit to it is an industry-wide struggle.

We studied some of the company’s longest-serving carers to understand the common cause that drove 
them. It wasn’t money. Those most committed chose 
the profession for far more altruistic reasons. Helping others was important to them – and they’d go to heroic lengths to do it well.

Everyday Heroes is an identifiable recruitment value proposition that differentiated Mediline by speaking directly to the values of 
the target audience.

The new website experience made sure applying or requesting information was as effortless as possible. And we developed a range of materials to take the campaign offline, reaching those who shared our values but perhaps hadn’t ever considered caring as a profession.

” As well as providing a common banner that brought 
the workforce together, Everyday Heroes gave Mediline the perfect vehicle to recognise, share and reward the kind of actions that originally inspired the campaign. Yet another reason for existing 
carers to consider them. “


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