Rebrand / literature / marketing

Perceptions of Mayflex’s core product Excel were negative and dramatically out of line with 
the products actual performance. The trade mistakenly considered it cheap, inferior and only suitable for 
smaller installations.

Markets want proof, not promises. And so we delivered it – with a marketing campaign and accompanying communications tools that focused on the facts and figures that highlighted Excel’s superior performance 
on every level. Attitudes immediately began to change, externally but more importantly – internally.

The new direction provided Excel’s sales teams with a clear proposition and focus. Opportunities increased and conversions grew. To maintain momentum, we knew how important it was to reinforce the new quality message at every single customer touch point. From point of sale through to transit, delivery, and even down to the particulars of product presentation and packaging.

” The results speak for themselves. AlignandPull reinvented our core product proposition and worked with us to develop an alternative thinking strategy, building a 
new confidence in our brand – internally & externally. This work culminated in us winning the Olympic contract and paved the way to our products being installed in many landmark projects.” “


Brand development / corporate literature


FTSE 250 Brand creation / roll out

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