Cook + Associates

Rebrand / website / corporate literature

The perception of Cook + Associates was staid, old-fashioned and underwhelming. They had a range of expertise and services that were not effectively communicated to new, potential clients. There were significant threats from competitors that were more effective at communicating, which included an unrelenting shift towards interactivity and augmented reality.

The various Cook + Associates departments were busy with client work, and the senior management and various teams needed to be quickly brought together and aligned to underpin a direction of travel, putting in the foundations for brand development and unity across the organisation.

” AlignandPull instead of presenting to us a portfolio of unrelating material, they asked us why we wanted to rebrand and what were our goals? Then proceeded to tell us how they could help us to achieve those goals. A&P slotted into our organisation, helped us to build a team looking at what we really needed not what we thought we needed. The rest then fell into place. “


Name generation / branding


Brand development / corporate literature

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